Rules & Regulations


To facilitate the smooth functioning of the school and to ensure appropriate participation of the Parents/ guardians in the learning process of the child, following visiting hours shall be observed by the school.

School Timings:

EW to RTF-II :Monday to Friday 09:40 am to 01:55 pm.
I to XII :Monday to Friday 07:40 am to 01:55 pm.

  • School timings are subject to change over a period of time to meet our student’s needs and to optimize the cost and convenience of the transport facility provided by the school.
  • Parents are an integral part of the school and the school seeks their cooperation in enforcing all guidelines that will benefit child and assist in the smooth functioning of the school.
  • Parent need to understand that a good amount of regular work and practice require for success. They should ensure that their children prepare their lessons and take active interest and participate in all the activities of the school.
  • Parents need to regularly go through the “Remarks from principal” and “Note to Parents” pages in the School Almanac and also track their child's progress with the Report Card.
  • Parents will not be permitted to visit their child's classroom or meet their child during schools hours.
  • Parents need to send written request to the Principal / Class Teacher for any information or Documents required from the school, specifying the purpose for which it is required.
  • Kindly note that it is Parent’s / Guardian’s responsibility to make travel / transport arrangements for their child when they are participating in any events / competitions held outside Surat city.
Rules and Regulations of the School
  • A child must carry the School Almanac every day. The diary must be updated with complete Information and photograph of the child and duly singed by the parents / guardian.
  • Students should not carry any personal /valuable item to school. Although care is taken of student's articles, the school will not be responsible for theft or loss of the same.
  • In case of any damage caused by the students to the school property, parents will be liable to pay for the replacement or repair.
  • School management reserves the right to suspend /expel students for the indiscipline, unethical Conduct and breach of rules and regulations of the school.
  • Students have to respect teachers, elders and colleagues and refrain from dominating and demeaning behaviours.
  • Students must get all notes / Circulars signed by their parents / guardians and return them to the class teacher in the specified time period.
  • No students should indulge in any of the following practices:
    1. Disfigure or damage school property.
    2. Display rude or violent behaviour.
    3. Indulge in casteism, communalism or practice untouchability or ostracize anyone on any kind of personal differences.
Communication Policy
  • The administrative office works from Monday to Saturday except on public holidays and some non working days declared by the school.
  • Regular administration office hours: 09:40 am to 04:00 pm.
  • The administrative team can be contacted by calling on School Front Desk between 09:40 am and 4:00 pm.
  • Communication with teachers can be done by writing a note in the school almanac. In case, if parents feel the need to have a personal discussion with the teachers or the Principal, they need to call the school’s front desk number and request a call-back from the concerned authority. The call-back will be done at the time specified by the school representative answering your call. If you wish to visit the school to meet any of the faculties, please call the school number and ask for an appointment with the concerned person.
  • Parents are requested not to call the school to check for their child's daily progress, making general enquires of activity /sports schedules or to report lost belongings.
  • You can communicate with the class / subject teachers during our regular Parents -Teachers meet. Our teachers have a work schedule to adhere to even after school hours and cannot attend to parent's queries over the phone.
  • In case of any emergency, Parents can call the school landline number and leave a message for the concerned individual. The message will be communicated to the concerned individual for necessary action, to be taken.
  • Parents / Guardians need to carefully read all circulars, messages, mails sent from the school. Your child's almanac needs to be checked daily to keep yourself updated of all the happenings at school.
  • If you wish to communicate with the Principal or any member of the administration team, you can email us on or send in a written request for the concerned person.
  • Our teachers and other school faculty members are not supposed to share their personal phone numbers with parents. You are requested to communicate with them only on the school numbers.
  • We request parents to be polite and courteous with all our staff members. In case of school administration related queries, concerns or feedback, you can call up on the school number and speak to the Front Desk Executive or send email at .
  • Parents / Guardians are requested to check their SMS / Emails regularly. Generally communication with parents is done through email or circulars, but urgent and important information like an unplanned change in bus timings or school timings is shared via SMS.
  • On regular basis, only one of the parents (to the mother by default, unless changed on request) will be sent an SMS (related to any) information. Only in case of an emergency both the parents will receive an SMS.
  • To meet the Principal, a prior appointment needs to be taken by calling the school Front Desk Executive.

The schools Front desk number are +91 89800 86000, +91 89804 00333.

  • For any queries related to appointments / concerns / feedback / enquiries please call on the above -mentioned numbers, our FOE shall help you for the same.
  • For any admissions related enquiry, kindly call and ask for the school counsellor.
  • For any transport related queries, kindly call and ask for Transport In-charge.
  • For any fee related queries, kindly call and ask for Accountant.
  • For all non-academic issues, kindly call our FOE who shall help you for the same.
  • If your issues are not sorted or if the concerned person has not reverted back to you within 4 working days then kindly call and ask for the Principal.
  • If non-academic issues are not sorted or if the concerned person has not reverted back to you within 4 working days then kindly call and ask for the Administrator.
Fee Policy
  • Fees have to be paid on quarterly basis. Fees can be paid in the form of DD*, Cheque*, NEFT**, Net banking**, NACH (National Automated Clearing House-Auto debit), the payment needs to be done / drawn in favour of “The Millennium School Surat”.
  • For monthly fees payment option, NACH is mandatory.
  • Discretionary Service Charge payment needs to be done / drawn in favour of “Maitri Charitable Trust”.
    * Please do not send Cheque / DD through any student or Staff Member.
    **In case payment is done by NEFT / Net Banking, then you are required to email us the following details at “”
  • Parents are requested to pay the fees on or before the below specified dates.
    1. Term / Quarters Payable by For Months Penalty period levied from Remarks
    2. 1st Quarter 10th March April / May / June 1st April
    3. If the 1st quarter fees are not paid by 25th March then, your ward will not be eligible to receive school supplies for the new session. Penalty will be levied from 1st April till 10th April, after which, the transportation of your ward will be withdrawn.
    4. 2nd Quarter 10th June July / Aug / Sept 11th June If you fail to pay the fees by 10th June then, the penalty shall be levied from 11th of the respective months & continued for 30 days, after which your ward’s regular school transport will be withdrawn.
    5. 3rd Quarter 10th September Oct/Nov/Dec 11th September If you fail to pay the fees by 10th September then, the penalty shall be levied from 11th of the respective months & continued for 30 days, after which your ward’s regular school transport will be withdrawn.
    6. 4th Quarter 10th December Jan / Feb / March 11th December If you fail to pay the fees by 10th December then, the penalty shall be levied from 11th of the respective months & continued for 30 days, after which your wards regular school transport will be withdrawn.

Note: After payment of school fees, the receipt will be emailed to you on your school id.

  • If 10th of the month, in which the school dues are to be paid happens to be a holiday, the payment is to be made by the 9th of that month or earlier.
  • Delayed payments will be charged with a late fee of Rs. 10/- per day.
  • In case of dishonoured cheques, a penalty of Rs 500/- will be charged along with the late fee if applicable.
  • If the quarterly fee is delayed by two months, the student's admission will be cancelled. Re-admission will have to be sought on payment of fresh admission fees subject to seat availability.
  • The Final assessment results of students with outstanding fees will be withheld. On non payment of fees, the school has the right to decline issue of Report card and other related certificates.
  • There will be no reduction or reimbursement of any amount from fees, for absence from school for short or long duration for any reasons, medical, social or religious.
  • Banks cannot validate the fee amount that needs to be deposited for fees; parents are requested to check the same with the school authorities.
  • The Imprest Fee is collected to avoid any cash transactions with students. Parents consent is sought before deducting any amount from the Imprest Fee. The Imprest Fee is generally used to cover charges for outstation educational excursions, school picnics and outings, fees for participation in inter school competitions and events. The participation in these events is optional, but such activities are organised for the overall development of students and hence we seek parental support, assistance and encouragement for the same. The late fee charges will also get deducted from the Imprest Fee.
  • In case of a midterm admission, fees will be charged on pro rata basis.
  • Any child after leaving the school, seeking readmission to the school, will be treated as a fresh applicant, will have to go through the admission formalities and will have to pay the full admission charges applicable at that time based on seat availability.
  • List of expenses that are not included in the school fees and have to be borne by parents / guardians:
    1. School bag, Books, Stationery, Uniform and Shoes.
    2. Any activity, training or excursions conducted after school hours.
    3. Out-station educational tours and events.
    4. Entrance fees for inter school competitions, events or certified external exams conducted outside the school.
    5. Rent for costumes /accessories to participate in competitions and events within and outside the school.
    6. Cost of educational materials or compact discs, Video tapes, Pictures taken at school events and competitions.
Transportation Policy
  • For safety and punctuality, it is advisable for all students to avail the school bus facility provided by The Millennium School.
  • Bus routes have been planned diligently to minimize travel time for students. The school does not provide transport in all the areas of the city but convenient stops have been allocated at major locations connecting different parts of the city. Door to door service is not provided to optimize the route planning.
  • Every bus has a driver and a conductor for safety and security. There is a female attendant in every kindergarten bus to assist and look after small children in the bus. The driver, conductor and attendant are there to make the bus travel comfortable for students and so parents should encourage their children to respect them and obey instructions given by them.
  • The pick-up and drop timings will be given to students before the start of the new academic session. Students should be at their designated stop five minutes prior to the time given to them. The bus cannot wait at any stop beyond the specified time.
  • Parents / Guardians have to carry the parent's identity card given by the school every day and be at the stop a few minutes before time. If parents are not present at the bus stop on time the child will be brought back to the school on its return journey, the bus cannot wait at any stop beyond the specified time, as this results in delay for other students as well.
  • Students from Kindergarten to class IV are not dropped unaccompanied at any stop from the school bus. It is mandatory for parents to arrange for their pick up by responsible adult authorised with an identity card issued from the school. From class V onwards, students will be dropped and allowed to go on their own if the No Escort Form has been signed by parents and submitted to the school authorities.
  • In case of an unknown contingency or during traffic snarls, the time schedule of the bus service may be disturbed, in such a situation, we request parents to extend their full cooperation to us. We will inform parents of the change of bus timings if any, via SMS for both pick up and drop if the delay is more than 15 minutes due to heavy rain, some low lying areas may be flooded and so the regular stops can be modified to meet the challenge. In such situations, parents may have to opt a temporary pick up and drop stop, best made available to them.
  • Every parent and student is informed of the specific bus the child will travel by. Students are not allowed to change buses or take pick up or drops to any other place besides the service assigned to them. This discipline ensures the safety of your child and does not cause inconvenience to others.
  • Buses will halt at specified bus stops only, if a student misses the bus, he can board the bus from the next stop only. The bus driver has been instructed not to halt the bus anywhere on route between the specific bus stops.
  • If primary and secondary students miss their regular school bus they cannot report to school by arriving in the bus meant for kindergarten children.
  • Parents are not permitted to board the school bus as this shall create a delays in the further route.
  • Parents have to inform the school in writing via an email or letter, of any change of address in the middle of the academic year. In such cases parents need to understand that the school authorities cannot modify the existing route or create a new stop in the existing bus schedule.
  • Every year, the bus routes and timings are subject to undergo changes to accommodate the need.
  • Students are allowed to eat vegetarian snacks in the school bus. Junk food is strictly not allowed, Chewing gum, Littering and creating any kind of litter and unhygienic is strictly prohibited in the school bus.
  • Children have to maintain discipline and decorum in the bus and no one is allowed to open windows. This safety measure has to be strictly followed by all without any exceptions.
  • Students are not supposed to use offensive or abusive language nor can they discuses inappropriate or indecent topics. Fighting or causing any kind of damage to the bus or breach of any of the rules, will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Parents are requested not to handover any kind of articles, fees, money, and lunch box to the bus drivers / conductors / teachers / attendants. School will not be responsible for any loss.
  • If parents need to discuss any issues related to the bus service, they need to contact the transport in charge or the school authorities and not discuss the same with any of the bus staff.


  • Before commencing the final admission formalities please review our list of bus stops and select the one that is most convenient to you. We do not promise you door step transport facility so you will have to work out our convenience of travel to and from the bus stop to your home.
  • In case the parent ID card is lost, is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to intimate the same to the school authority immediately. There is a charge for issuing a duplicate card and until the same is prepared by the school the safety and security of collecting your child from the regular bus stop, lies entirely on parents and the school will not be responsible for any untoward happening.
Food Policy
  • A healthy diet is very important for growing children and the school ensures that they are given nutritious meals. The daily menu of breakfast and lunch is prepared by the consulting dietician of the school and the meals are prepared under strict supervision to maintain high quality standards.
  • The school provides wholesome vegetarian (egg less) meals only.
  • The monthly meal menu of breakfast and lunch will be shared with parents at the start of every month.
  • Though we do provide Jain meals, the school does not take responsibility of ensuring Jain students to eat only the special meals prepared for them.
  • Students are not left unattended at the dining room. Teachers and helpers are present to ensure that children eat their food and keep motivating them to maintain a healthy diet. It is not possible to give a daily report of food intake to parents. Parents are requested not to make such request to any staff member.
  • It is not possible for the school to cater to individual palates. We request support from parents to encourage their children to relish the healthy and wholesome meals provided by the school.
Uniform Policy
  • The school Uniform gives an exclusive identity to students promotes a feeling of unity and inculcates discipline among students.
  • Students must wear a neat, clean and tidy uniform to school every day. Uniforms need to be of proper size and fitting. Wet, non-ironed or untidy uniforms are not acceptable. Parents need to have an additional set of school uniform to meet contingencies.
  • Boys must button their shirts to the top and their shirts need to be neatly tucked in their trousers. Boys must come to school well groomed with clean and trimmed hair. Hair need to be oiled and well maintained and cannot be cut in fancy styles.
  • Girls have to wear knee length skirt and follow the dress code to maintain the decorum while at school as well as educational trips organized by the school. Hair needs to be oiled and tied neatly. Girls with short hair can tie ponytails but shoulder length or longer hair have to be plaited. Only black hair bands, ribbons, rubber bands and clips can be used.
  • Colouring hair, using hair extensions, wearing jewellery, applying kajal, nail polish, wearing a lipsticks, perfume any kind of body art, tattoos, body piercing is not allowed at school. Nails should be short at all times. Girls are allowed to apply Mehndi during religious festivals provided the application does not extend the hand beyond palms.
  • Blazers, socks, shoes, belts, neckties and school bags are part of uniform and are supplied by approved vendors. Any other brands of accessories cannot be used.
  • The Millennium School, Surat has four houses namely Jal, Agni, Aakash and Prithvi based on the four natural elements. Children are allotted houses at the start of the academic session and the PT uniform is colour coded on the basis if the house they belong.
  • P.T uniforms have to be worn on pre-specified days.
  • From class IV onwards, Students are permitted to wear a simple wristwatch.
  • All the belongings need to be labelled like school bag, jacket, blazer, socks, shoes, ties, etc with the child's name and class.
  • The school will not be responsible for any wear and tear of school uniform during school activities, Sports or in the course of travel to and from school or in the school buses.
Discipline and Code of Conduct for the School Library
  • Silence must be maintained in the library.
  • Any students borrowing the book from the library for personal reading is expected to register the name of the book with the librarian.
  • Library books should be borrowed for personal reading and not for sharing them with others.
  • Only one book at a time will be issued.
  • Books have to be returned in 7 days. Failure to return the book within 7 days will lead a fine.
  • Our library has well maintained books, magazines and periodicals and they have to be returned after reading in the same condition. Any kind of damage will entitle a fine equivalent to the cost or even higher than the cost of the publication.
Attendance Policy
  • A minimum of ninety percent attendance is required for promotion to next class.
  • Any student who has been absent will not be admitted to class without a leave note from the parents /guardian addressed to the class teacher stating the reason for absence.
  • In case of illness and absence for three days or more the student will have to resume school with a doctor's certificate. If a child has a prolonged period of absence due to a medical contingency, parents need to regularly update the school Principal on the student’s health progress. Parent will need to provide a details medical report when their child resumes school after the recuperating period.
  • A student resuming school after an infectious or contagious illness will have to bring a fitness certificate from his treating doctor.
  • Half day leave requests are not granted by the school. But in case of a child's ill health or due to an emergency, the Principal may allow the child to leave before closing hours of the school.
  • Repeated instance of absence from school without prior approval and unsanctioned absence for more than six consecutive and the same can be done only by following the admission procedure which also involves payment of the then applicable admission fee.
  • To seek leave sanction, a written request needs to be send to the Principal for approval. If the leave request is for more than seven days, parents will have to meet the principal with a prior appointment to get the necessary approval and sanction.
  • For repeated and long periods of unapproved absence, the school reserves the right to detain the child in the same class in the next academic session.
  • The above rules have been formulated to help students excel with the Millennium Learning techniques. The Millennium Learning system is a detailed session based plan and so even a day of absence in the middle of an ongoing topic can hamper his understating and performance in the subject.
  • In case of absence of short duration, our facilitators will try their best to update the child by giving him additional practice work sheets that summarize the topics, which have been missed. However covering the concept such that it was done in the regular class, is not possible.
  • The annual school calendar is prepared well in advance and shared at the start of every academic session to help parent’s plan family outing and vacations and honour their social commitment without disturbing their child's attendance in school.
  • All students need to be present on the first and last working day of the school after and before every vacation.
  • 13. In an academic session, students who have ninety eight percent and above attendance will be felicitated for their focus and commitment to learning.


  • Students should not take unplanned and unnecessary leaves since undeclared assessments are an integral part of the Millennium Learning System.
  • If child takes leave without prior approval then re-assessment of Formative Assessment (F.A.) and Summative Assessment (S.A) will not be considered unless the child is medically not fit to come to school.
Celebration Policy
  • Teachers and staff at The Millennium School try to make a student`s birthday a special day. We understand that the child may be eager to celebrate his birthday at school and respect his sentiments. However, Parents should ensure that the celebration at school is simple and not affluent.
  • On Birthday, a student can come to school in a civil dress and chocolates among his class mates only, Parents are requested not to send any gifts, mementos or / and expensive confectionery for students, teachers or for staff on any religious, social or personal occasions.
  • On their child's special day, parents may donate a book to the school library as mementos or souvenir. This is a suggestion and not a compulsion for parents.
  • Parents cannot invite teachers or any staff members of the school for any private celebrations event outside the school unless they share personal relationship with them.
  • The school will not extend its support to the parents to organise any private celebrations outside school.
  • Parent should not request the class teacher or any other school staff distribute any personal invitation card in the school or in the bus.
Discipline Policy
  • Education without discipline holds no value. To be successful in any sphere of life one needs to follow a code of conduct. To ensure that the students achieve their best in conducive environment, school has constructive Discipline Policy in place.
  • Students displaying good behaviour will be able to accumulate points for their houses and for themselves.
  • Students not following the discipline policy will be responsible for negative points for themselves as well as their house.
  • While there will be positive encouragement for good behaviour, there will also be corrective measures for inappropriate conduct as mentioned below.


  • Detention: It means a student will not be allowed to attend any activity period as per the level of infraction and will be made to sit a designated place.
  • Suspension: It means a student will not be allowed to attend any classes (Scholastic / Co-Scholastic) for the days, as per the level of infraction.

B. LEVEL 1 (White Card)

  • The following acts are considered unacceptable and will warrant the issuing of verbal Warning / Written Warning / Detention:
  • Dress Code Violation (Untidy Uniform, Appearance, Nails / Hair Infraction: Written warning.
  • Chewing gum, eating candy or chocolate during class session.
  • Failure to deliver written communication to parent.
  • Text Book / Note Book not with student.
  • Failure to communicate in English in the school Campus.
  • Moving in running bus / repeatedly coming late during pick up time of bus.
  • Improper Behaviour with driver / Conductor.
  • Not moving in line, jumping - running on stairs / Corridor, Sliding on railing.
  • Wandering outside class without out pass / permission of teacher.
  • Not paying attention in the class.

C. LEVEL 2 (Yellow Card)

  • Detention is held during school for all activity periods. The following acts are considered unacceptable and will warrant detention.
  • Vulgarity Bad language / Obscenity.
  • Disruptive behaviour on school campus (Classroom / Corridors / Wash rooms / Playground / Dining Hall, etc)
  • Failure to attend detention session
  • Inappropriate Physical Contact / Bad touch.
  • Not listening to Teachers
  • Using oral abuse with other students.
  • Bunking the class (With -any reason)

D. LEVEL 3 (Green Card)

  • Behaviour listed in this level will warrant the following disciplinary actions: It is held during school for all activity periods.
  • 1st Offense: Immediate conference with parents.
  • 2nd Offense: In School – suspension (Student will remain in library -Suspension from classes)
  • 3rd Offense: Out of School suspension (Student will remain at home)
  • The following acts are considered unacceptable and will warrant level 3 disciplinary actions:
    1. Use of unfair means during assessments.
    2. Disobedience (Not following instructions, Using foul language etc) with school staff.
    3. Stealing.
    4. Fighting / Unsafe behaviour.
    5. Damaging / defacing school property.
    6. Vandalism
    7. Forgery of parent signature (s)
    8. Harassment / Threatening behaviour toward other Students or school staff.
    9. Violation of personal property.
    10. Tagging the names (Girls & Boys)

E. LEVEL 4 (Red Card)

  • The following acts are considered unacceptable and will warrant immediate suspension:
    1. Weapons / Firearms any sharp object with wrong intention.
    2. Tobacco / Alcohol / Substance Abuse.
    3. Absenteeism for a long time without any information / Permission.
    4. Students should not bring following gadgets.
    5. Mobile/ Cell phone
    6. Any gadget with camera / Audio-Video recorder
    7. Smart Watch
    8. Laser light
    9. Vandalism (Making group for physical fight)


  • There is no warning issue. The first offense will result in loss of technology and internet privileges.


  • Late work must be completed either at school / home within two working days.
  • Any student who does not submit the home work / Assignments / Projects etc on time will remain in school after exit.
  • Teacher will inform the parents for stay back in advance. Students may stay back after the school to complete the late / make up work with the prior - permission from parents. The student must produce the permission note to the principal for approval. They shall be seated in the library only. They will return home with the primary school students.


  • Come to class on time: Standing outside the door and rushing after the bell will be count as level one.
  • Remain in your seat unless you have permission to get up.
  • Do not eat anything in the class room.
  • Talk only when permitted.
  • Follow the teacher’s directions immediately.
  • Do not touch other’s school bags or articles.
  • Raise hand to ask question or give an answer.
  • Foul language and negative hurtful comments are never acceptable.
  • Speak only in English.
  • Do not play in the class room.


  • Well done cards.
  • Positive phone calls to parents for the appreciation of the students.
  • “TMS GOOD BEHAVIOUR” Certificates.


  • Sr. No. Warning cards Level-1 Level -2 Level-3 Level -4 Action
  • White Cards 3 1 Nil Nil 3 Days Detention
  • Yellow Cards 4 2 1 Nil 4 Days Detention
  • Green Cards 5 3 2 Nil 5 Days Detention
  • Red Cards 6 4 3 1 1 to 2 weeks Suspension
Admission and Withdrawal Policy
  • Admission to the Millennium School Surat is open to all eligible children irrespective of caste colour or creed.
  • There is a withdrawal policy in place whereby parents have to request for withdrawal application form from the school’s administrative office. The request from has to be duly filled and got approved by the principal at least a month prior the end of the current academic session.
  • The school leaving certificate will be issued only after fifteen working days after receiving the written application.
  • In case of an immediate midterm withdrawal, Parents will be liable to pay fees of the existing quarter and clear all dues to request for the school leaving certificate.
  • Caution money, If any will be refunded at the time of withdrawal from the school on the production of the receipt along with an application on the prescribed proforma, provided the dues of the school have been paid or settled. Refund of caution money has to be claimed within a year of the date of withdrawal of the child from the school.
  • No leaving certificate or transfer certificate will be issued unless all dues to the school have been cleared.
  • The school leaving certificate has to be counter signed and attested by the District Education Officer (DEO) Regional officer or the Central Board of Secondary Education if the Pupil is from other state.
  • Reserve fee, if any, will be refunded at the time of withdrawal from the school on production of the receipt, along with an application on the prescribed proforma, Provided the dues of the school have been paid or settled. Refund or reserve fee has to e claimed within a year of the date of withdrawal of the child from the school.

Online Refund Policy from School

  • In case of any technical issue found in online fee payment, such as
    1. During the online payment through credit/debit card if the payment gets debited and the internet goes down due to some external server malfunction or any other similar happening.
    2. The system fails to generate the required acknowledgement due to internet malfunction.
    3. The payment gets deducted from the payer's account and does not reach the institute's account or payment gets debited twice due to server error.
  • We shall not be responsible in any case until the course fee paid by student or parent is credited in to the Bank Account of the institute.
  • If credited into our account, the refund will be done within Six weeks from the date of your payment.
  • The information regarding your return will be notified you via email with the details of your refund.
  • The refund will be made to the same payment option(s) originally used to pay for the donation.
  • The decision of refund shall be of School Management Committee whether they want to refund the amount or not.
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